About Us
China Travel CA Inc, legally registered in the United States, is a comprehensive travel and tour service company. This company has rapidly grown since first established in 2002, with branches spreading in major cities within North America. In cooperation with China Travel local agencies in China, the company has catered to nearly tens of thousands of tourists and provided world class quality services over the years.

With the rapid growth, China Travel CA Inc has a staff of professionals in tour, travel management, and services. We serve people from all walks of life, and wholeheartedly provide them with quality from start-to-finish; serving in traveling, lodging, dining, sightseeing, shopping, and entertaining.

China Travel along with China Travel CA Inc has become one of the most popular tour operators in North America. The unique design routes and itineraries, along with exquisite and considerate services, China Travel helps thousands of tourists travel all parts of China and Southeast Asia. The moderate prices and high quality services makes our products reputable for a trip saving and delight. Besides scheduling departures, we are experts in customized tours; we operate adventure tours, study tours, business visit, students' camps, family or class reunions, conferences and seminars. With the careful arrangement and thoughtful state-of-art services of China Travel, you will surely have an unrivalled pleasant trip.

Why Choose CTSI?
Competitive Price: You may have seen our tour fares and wondered how we can make it so affordably. Don't worry...you are not alone because many have asked us how do you do it? or whats the catch? Believe or not, there is no catch. first, China Travel is one of the best travel agencies in China, founded in 1949, with more than 62 years experience, we can beat almost anyone on the deluxe hotel group rate and charter services.
Second, we negotiate the lowest bulk fares with more than 10 major airlines, includes Air China and United Airlines. This is how we may offer the finest and inexpensive tours in the business.

Flexibility: With our own offices in China, we offer almost all kinds of travel services you may have, from bicycle rental to business conference arrangement, from booking local train ticket to chartering aircraft.

Superior Accommodations: To ensure your comfort, we book only specially selected first class hotels that offer the amenities and comfort you expect. Most hotels have indoor swimming pool, gym, billiard hall, massage parlor, sauna room, satellite TV, stereo, and refrigerator with mini-bar, in-room safe, IDD telephone, private restroom, central air-conditioning and more!

Professional Agent and Expert Guides: Our professional, experienced, English speaking national and local city guides are the best available. In every instance, they are dedicated to the success of your China journey. Every hour of every day, our guides are there to ensure that you enjoy your vacation in comfort and safety as they strive to meet your every need. Delicious Meals: Most tours include three fine meals per day in carefully selected local city restaurants or hotels (unless specified). Breakfast is American served buffet-style, while lunch and dinner are served in a family-style manner with eight to ten Chinese dishes per table, including one beverage of your choice (beer, soda or hot water), usually, tea is always free to refill. By popular demand, certain meals in various cities will be on your own.
AB: American Breakfast; IM: In flight Meal; L: Lunch; SD: Special Dinner; HD: Hotel Dinner.

Astonishing Entertainment: Evening entertainment includes first class shows such as the traditional Chinese Kung-fu Show, the amazing Shanghai Acrobatic Show, Xian extravagant Tang Dynasty stage show, Guilin Local Minority Dancing Show.

Safe, Comfortable Transportation: Our tours use a combination of motor coaches, trains, and inter-city airline flights. Usually coach is less than 70% full. Day trains are first class with soft cushioned seats, while overnight trains offer first class sleeping cars with four berths in each booth. For intercity flights, we select domestic airlines that primarily use Boeing Air Bus and McDonnell Douglas aircrafts.

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