Frequently Asked Questions

1, Do I need a visa to travel overseas?
American citizens are visa-free to many countries, but there are some exemptions, you need to apply Visa to visit China, India, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia and many other countries. 
If you are planning to travel less than 30 days to Japan/Thailand/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/Singapore etc., you do not need to apply for visa.
For details, please check U. S. Department of State web site at

2, How can I apply for China Visa

You can either apply for China Multiple Entry Visa from Chinese Consulates near you by yourself, or if you prefer to let us handle it for you, we can help.
InterTrips offer 2 kinds of Visas instead.
  • 1st is Multiple Entry Visa, we need your original passports to process, it takes about 5-10 business days to process, the cost is $219 per passport.
  • 2nd is Single Entry Group Visa, require minimum 2 passengers traveling together, we do not need your original passports to process, cost is $169 per passport, this kind of Visa is valid for 30 days only, from the date it is issued, so we have to mail to your home in about 2 weeks before your departure;  You MUST hold your visa documents until you return home!
If you are holding a temporary visitor’s visa, you must apply through your own country.
If you are just transferring in some cities in China for less than 72 hours, you may not need to apply for China visa, please consult with our advisors.  

3, Normally, how many travelers in each group? 

Group size differs from 10-38, averagely 25 passengers in a bus with 49-55 seats.

4, Are there a minimum number of passengers to form a tour group? what happens if there are not enough passengers to participate?

We normally need at least 10 passengers to form a group (certain countries need 20), in the case that there are not enough participants, you can either change to nearby departures or get a full refund (we are not responsible for your other related cost though). InterTrips will try our best to make the group go as planned. 

5, Can three guests stay in one room?

Yes, we normally add a roll-away bed for the 3rd adults. Kids under 12 must share beds with their parents, we do not arrange a separate bed for them.

Please be aware that the cabins on river cruises and the hotel rooms in certain countries (for example Japan) are too small to add a roll-away bed.

6, Can I hold the space?

The majority of our tours are based on first come first serve policy, we do not hold seats.

7, How about the Payment and Cancellation policy?

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit per person, the balance is due at 60 days prior to your departure date.
All cancelations are eligible for penalties, depends on the days left before the departure of the trip. Please check the terms and conditions.
To protect your investment, please consider ‘Travel Insurance’.

8, When can I have my final hotel confirmation with local contact phone numbers?

Typically, we will finalize your tour about 30 days prior to the trip, by then you can find the information in your online portal on our web site.

9, What is the price for Children?

We try hard to provide the most affordable rate for our clients; thus we do not have further discounts for children on promotional packages. We offer discounted Child Fare on normal price packages, please check our web site for details.  

10, Are the hotel rooms and sightseeing buses all non-smoking?

Yes, we only book non-smoking rooms and buses for our groups.

11, Do the hotels we use offer WIFI?

All the hotels we use offer free WIFI, at least in the hotel lobby.

12, Baggage Allowance

For Trans-Pacific flight:
You can check-in at least 1 suitcase for free with Majority Airlines, with weight less than 50 lbs; Certain airlines let you check in 2 suitcases for free. with weight less than 50 lbs each piece;

For Domestic Flights in Asia:

Carry-on Baggage: Each passenger can carry on one bag and one personal item such as a laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase. Assistive devices and outer garments do not count as personal items. All carry-on luggage (weight under 5 kg, total dimensions under 21” × 15” × 7” ) must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
Checked Baggage: Majority airlines only allow 1 checked baggage at a maximum weight of 44 lb./20 kg.
Any extra expenses on your baggage during your trip are on your own. If you found your suitcase got damaged, contact airlines immediately on site.

13, Should I carry Cash or Credit Card?

It is wise to carry your currency in different forms. Use the credit cards for major purchases and local currency wherever credit cards are not accepted. You may exchange your currency at a hotel front desk to obtain the best exchange rates.
We suggest you take $200-$1000 cash per person.

14, Electricity Voltage

Some countries use 220 voltage, it is smart to bring an adapter with you.

15, Do I need to pack my hairdryer?

A hairdryer is available in most hotels. If not, please contact the front desk, but subject to availability.

16, What vaccines and medicines should I take?

Normally no vaccinations are required for your trip to Asia, except for anyone traveling from or via an infected area. Due to the length of the trip and local traveling conditions, it is advised that you consult your doctor for existing medical/dental conditions. For those who take special medicine on a regular basis, make sure that you carry an adequate supply. Carry them in the original containers to identify them as legally obtained drugs and pack them in your carry-on bag. Bringing some useful medicines is also a wise precaution, such as those for colds, diarrhea, and constipation. In case of illness during the trip, please immediately notify your tour guide for assistance. Good health is the premise of an enjoyable trip. Look after yourself carefully during the trip and try your best to minimize the risk of getting ill.

17, Special Requirements

Please inform InterTrips your special requirements when you make your reservation. All the special requirements are subject to availability.


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