Single Traveler

Tour operators in the travel industry quote package-deal and accommodation prices in terms of dollars per person when the customer travels in a group of two, that is, "twin share' or 'double-occupancy. The single supplement is a premium surcharge applied to a traveler who travels alone but will use a room that caters to two.

We want to help you make your trip the best travel experience it can be!

If finding a roommate makes your journey more enjoyable by forging new friendships while saving costs, please contact us for assistance.

Please let us know about you and your preferences by sending e-mail to, specify the tour name and dates you’re interested in, as well as any information you feel comfortable to share with your potential roommate.

Please note that we do not guarantee a roommate. We can only try best to accommodate such requests based on the provided guest profile. If we are able to assign another guest as a potential roommate, and if he or she cancels, you will be responsible for the single room supplement. If both you and your potential roommate mutually decide not to share accommodation during the trip, then each party will be responsible for their own added single supplement cost (if room inventory is available). If only one party changes his or her mind about sharing accommodation and desires to stay alone, then he or she will have to pay for another room (if room inventory is available). Please note under this latter situation, the added cost payable because of a unilateral decision is double the cost of a single supplement.


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